E-Commerce development

One of the most essential branches of our services is e-commerce development. In our work, we take care not only about buyers and retailers, but we also create our websites suitable for searching on the Web by target users. Search engines love what we do, therefore our projects are always on TOP. We do such kind of websites that can help you to increase you sales and to strengthen your positions on the market.

Our approach to ecommerce development

We use both ways for building online stores - opensource and custom programming:

WordPress and WooCommerce

We use this option when you need a powerful, but classic online shop without complicated advanced features. This CMS has lots of ready plugins and modules, which supports the most important e-commerce functionality - all of that allow to cut time of development.

Custom PHP development

We use that option if you want to create something special for your business.High loaded e-shops with a lot of custom features and large amount of data - if that is your choice we would suggest you to make it with PHP. Such approach also assumes unlimited project scalability.

Main Features of our Web shops

For retailers
  • product catalog management
  • import/export
  • orders management
  • delivery management
  • inventory management
For Buyers
  • high usability and mobile optimization
  • products search and filtering
  • compare products
  • track orders
  • orders history
For Search Engines
  • technically ready for SEO
  • semantic HTML
  • mobile optimized
  • SEO URLs
  • microformats implemented