Front-end development

Front end is the basis of any website or application. The quality of Front End development affects the user's behaviour with application. Therefore we pay so much attention in bringing the Front End development to perfection. We combine latest technologies and design trends to make interfaces maximum functional and friendly. Creation of the qualitative front ends is one of our main principles.
Responsive frontend development We do care about both - mobile and desktop users - that is why we use responsive approach to the Front End development. We optimize interfaces to load fast and correctly with any type of Internet connection on any type of devices.
We guarantee We do testing of Frontend in all modern browsers and on all operation systems. We pay attention to search engine robots so they can scan websites fast and without errors, this way we provide with W3C valid coding and implement microformats.


We keep abreast of modern development tools and always trying to implement them in our projects.Here is the stack of technologies we are currently working with:
  • bootstrap
  • sass
  • jade
  • haml
  • gulp
  • svg
  • coffeescript
  • angular